Tebow Leads Broncos Past Jets

Tim Tebow led the Broncos to victory Thursday night vs. the Jets. The Broncos have new life and seem energized with Tebow at QB. They are 4-1 since Tebow took over this season as a starter. They are now at 5-5 after the 17-13 win.

The wins might not be pretty but a win is a win is a win. Tebow is just one of those relentless players who refuse to lose. You can’t give this guy a chance because if you do he will most likely take advantage of it. The Jets gave him too many chances. He scored a rushing TD late in the game to secure the win. Mark Sanchez continued to struggle. Tebow outplayed him in the end. Sanchez needs to get it together for the Jets quick.

The Jets now drop to 5-5. It is going to be tuff now for NY. Their schedule might not be the hardest but they will need to be almost perfect from here on out. They will look to bounce back Sunday when they host the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are in an even bigger landslide then the Jets. Buffalo looked like an early season sleeper pick but continue to get blown out the last few weeks. The Jets can’t let down in what will be a must win for them.

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