Manning Meets with Broncos

As speculated in the last two days after his separation from the Colts was announced, Peyton Manning was in Colorado to meet with the Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway who is also a Super Bowl winning QB.   During this visitation which lasted about 6 hours, it is said that Manning went on tour of the complex along with the Broncos General Manager Brian Xander and coach John Fox.

Manning’s presence in Denver is welcome by some and frowned upon by those who believe the team could be built around their sensational QB Tim Tebow.  Even though Tebow still has youth and age on his side, Manning is a proven Champion with more experience and possesses great leadership qualities which explain why the Broncos management would send a plane to bring him to Denver for talks.

Other teams that Manning may be visiting in the near future include the Redskins, Arizona, Tampa, Jets, Seahawks, Dolphin, and Chiefs.  These teams are in search of a proven QB and are ready to spend in the free agent market.  Tim Tebow was sensational last year, and hopefully he can retain his starting position in the coming season.

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