Broncos trade Tebow to the Jets

The Jets General Manager confirmed a finalized trade with the Denver Broncos on Tim Tebow Wednesday night. Both teams will split the $5 million salary advance due to Tebow and the Jets will get a seventh round pick in 2012 while the Denver Broncos get a fourth and sixth round pick.

Many football fans can argue about Tebow’s foot work and style of play and that may be one of the reasons why most are not surprised that he will not be starting with the Jets but rather, he will be a backup for Mark Sanchez and will be used in the jet’s wild card package.

On Denver’s side, they acquire Peyton Manning whose ability to live up to expectation is still in question until he proves himself. Manning acknowledged during his introduction on Tuesday to the Broncos that he still has a long way to go in rehabilitating his neck due to operations that sent the Colts into panic mode and ultimately led to his dismissal.

Despite the skepticism of many, the Denver Broncos have high hope and possibly a good plan for attracting free agents who aspire to be on a winning team with the most popular free agent in the NFL. Tebow gets a sweet $96 million contract with $58 million in guarantees and of course the Broncos chose to err on the side of caution by imposing certain protections in the event that Manning’s neck does not hold up to the task at hand.

This season should be an interesting one with so many big trades and shake downs in various teams. What changes or improvement Maning and Tebow bring to their new teams will say a lot about each player’s ability to live up to expectation and how they adjust to their new environments team mates. For now, it is a waiting game for fans everywhere until the NFL season officially kicks off.

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