Denver Preparing for Houston

The Denver Broncos will be facing Houston with plenty of health on Sunday. Several players are probable, and only guard Chris Kuper has been rule out so far.

Peyton Manning had been questioned about his arm strength this week, after throwing several ducks against the Atlanta defense. This Houston Texans’ defense that the Broncos will be playing, may be even better, but the Broncos will be preapared. It is amazing though how everyone in the media was singing the praises of Manning when he torched the Steelers, while still throwing a couple of ducks mind you, but now when he loses a game his arm strength has suddenly gone away.

If Manning places the ball in the spots he wants to throw, it will not make a difference how the ball travels through the air. Peyton will be fine, just do not allow him to get crushed by this aggressive Texans’ defense.

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