Houston Proves to be too Much for Denver

The Broncos knew coming in to the game yesterday that they would be facing, what looks to be an excellent team in the Houston Texans. This Texans team has had a good offense for awhile now, but over the last season and a half they have developed an intimidating defense led by defensive end J. J. Watt. Denver falls to a 1-2 record after their 31-25 loss.


Photo by: Jeff Fishbein/Icon SMI

The game started promising for the Broncos when Elvis Dumervil sacked Houston quarterback Matt Schaub in the endzone for a safety. On the ensuing drive Denver was able to tack on three more points to take a 5-0 lead.

That lead did not last for very long, because Schaub hooked up with Andre Johnson for a 60 yard touchdown pass, on their next drive. This was the beginning of 21 unanswered points scored by the Texans. Schaub threw two more touchdowns, one to Arian Foster and the other to Kevin Walter. Schaub finished the game 17 of 30 for 290 yards and four touchdowns. For the most part of his career, Matt Schaub has been an under appreciated quarterback, but with the success that Houston is having this year, there is a good chance that perception will change.

Peyton Manning and company were able to chip away at that 21-5 lead and eventually went into halftime trailing 21-11. Matt Prater went three for three on his field goal attempts on the day and hit one from 52 yards away.

The Broncos were never able to develop a running game and were behind by too many points to establish one. Unfortunately for Denver, McGahee left the game in the third quarter with a rib injury, which might linger for the next few weeks.

Houston dominated the third quarter, building a 31-11 lead. The Broncos made a valiant attempt at coming back, but the Houston defense was too much for Denver to overcome. Manning actually got the ball back with 20 seconds left, with a chance to take the lead, but with no timeouts left they were not able to do much but attempt a crazy lateral play that had promise for a few seconds.

Denver’s difficult start takes a reprieve, with the Raiders coming to town. But you never know in the NFL, especially when Oakland was able to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday. John Fox is a very good coach and will get this team to play more cohesively as the season moves along. It also does not hurt to have Peyton Manning as your quarterback.

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