Broncos at Bengals Game Preview


Photo by: Zuma Press/Icon SMI

The Denver Broncos will look to continue their hot streak and Peyton Manning will look to continue to show that he is still an elite quarterback when the Broncos play the Bengals in Cincinnati today. The Bengals have been a disappointment so far this season, regressing after an impressive playoff appearance last season that was led by their dominant young qb and wr combo, Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. This year the two players are having great season once again, and Green-Ellis is playing well too, but their defense is one of the worst (statistically) in the league, and needs to improve if they expect to make the playoffs again.

However, the Broncos will look to exploit the Bengals week defense, Peyton Manning and his group of play making receivers will attempt to light up the scoreboard again and help the Broncos in their efforts to win the AFC West for a second year in a row. But defensively, the Broncos must find a way to stop A.J. Green from having his way with the Broncos secondary.

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