Denver Looks to Wrap up the Division

Peyton Manning and company have been on a roll the past few weeks and it could culminate this afternoon with a victory over the San Diego Chargers. Since Denver’s incredible win over the Chargers in San Diego, the Bolts have fallen apart and are looking like a 6 or 7 win team at best. The Chargers had been the bane of the Broncos existence over the past few seasons, dating back to when Cutler was the quarterback. Denver could put those bad memories behind them with a win over their rivals this afternoon.

This recent surge by the Denver Broncos has been led by a major improvement in the play of their defense. During the early part of this season, the defense could not hold opponents to low scores in the first half, putting Broncos offense in difficult spots to come back from. Now, much similar to the second half of last season, defenders are flying all over the field and playing with a vigor that was missing earlier in the season.

Keys to the Game: Do not allow the Chargers to gain any confidence. San Diego is an absolute disaster right now and are ready to fold at any time they meet resistance. If the Broncos could jump on San Diego early they can sap the energy right of them and force them into going through the motions throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Do not turn the ball over. In the previous game between these teams the Chargers took advantage of a couple of early turnovers, which led to points. Fortunately for the Broncos they were able to overcome those early mistakes and came back and won in thrilling fashion. The Broncos cannot grant the Chargers any advantage by making bad turnovers.

Injuries: The Denver Broncos have been fortunate all season with the lack of injuries they’ve had to sustain. This week they will be without cornerback Tracy Porter and possibly guard Chris Kuper as well. Elvis Dumervil is questionable, but I would expect him to play in a division game like this one.

The Chargers have been much less fortunate on the injury front this season. Left tackle Jared Gaither who has quite a few games this season is doubtful for the game this afternoon. Defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin has been ruled out, but Ryan Matthews who missed some practice due to a neck injury, practiced Friday and is listed as questionable. If the Chargers have any intentions of winning this game, Matthews will be playing.

Final Analysis: In one of the most lousy divisions in football, the Broncos have the opportunity to sure up the division title in Week 11 with a win this afternoon. The Broncos will put some points on the board early and pull away throughout the second half. Denver 32 San Diego 20.

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