Denver Signs Jacob Hester

After losing Willis McGahee for the year a week ago, the Denver Broncos have decided to sign former San Diego running back and special teamer, Jacob Hester. The Broncos used former first round pick Knowshon Moreno a majority of the time this past Sunday and he was effective for the offense. Moreno gained 111 yards, after not seeing any action since the beginning of this season.

Hester is not going to take over as the primary option at running back, but he will be a serviceable backup at half back and full back. Plus he will also provide depth on special teams, which is always important to have in an area commonly effected by injury.

This Sunday the Denver Broncos also have the opportunity to clinch the division title. If they are able to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have been playing well, or the Chargers lose/tie, they will secure the AFC West title. Peyton Manning has become accustomed to securing titles early in seasons, but has had problems at times putting his foot back on the petal when the post season starts. This team is going to end the season with a lot of expectations, which may be unfair for this relatively young team, but Peyton Manning comes with baggage.


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