Scheduling troubling trends

I finally got around to looking at the 2014 Denver Broncos’ schedule.

First, I realized the Broncs will roll through December on the way to a 13-3 record. Losses to: Seattle – coming off tough KC win – and home to the Chargers after a lengthy 4 DAY LAYOFF coming off a tough 49er’s game. I don’t know where the other loss comes from, but teams stub their toes.

But what gripes me every year are two trends that are obvious as Denver’s inability to earn busts in the Hall of Fame (different rant, different time.) Denver at New England/PFM at New England: Again? For the 3rd time in the 3 years the East Coast superiority reigns as the Broncos will be in New England. Come on!?!?!? Three times in a row? How does this happen? (Since ’04 PFM has had to play in NE 8 times in 11 seasons. And he’s never even been in the NE’s division.)

Here’s the second trend . . .  Denver at Kansas City . . . in cold weather.

Yes, set your watch to it. Denver has/will have played in Kansas City (not San Diego, or even Oakland, mind you) 15 times in the last 20 seasons. Yes, 15 times Denver has had to go to a stadium where piping in the fake noise has become an art form, in weather where it’s hard to feel your fingers. How does this happen?

FYI – The last time Denver played in KC prior to mid-Nov? 2008.

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