Camp so far

Without access to the practices like fans have had in the past. A couple of thoughts of that stuck me the last fews days through the media reports we’ve been getting . . .

– We’ve seemed to have dodged a bullet with this Danny Trevathan injury. Not only is it not a season-ending ACL Injury, but a small tibial fracture will allow him to stay in shape with bike and weights.

And . . . Even though there aren’t a whole lot of benefits to having a bye week early in the season, getting Trevathan back by week 5 may be one of the exceptions. Trevathan really has been become an impact player since beating out Wesley Woodard last season. Which says a lot about his talent. If he’s able to beat out a defensive captain for a starting job, this guy’s got skills.

– Fights, fights and fights. Is this a defense getting better? Or is it a by-product of the Broncos being so good that players are fighting to make this team?

Let’s hope it’s both.

– Heard this earlier – Terrance “Pork Chop” Knighton is the only player (now because of the Trevathan injury) that will have the same starting spot as the defense that started last February’s Super Bowl. Pretty remarkable re-loading for a team already predicted to go back to the big game.

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