Let Defense Jell before Criticizing

A couple of things to remember when you look at the Bronco performance versus the Colts in week 1. First and foremost it was their first game as a new group. It will take a few weeks to start playing faster as a group and getting to know and trust the player next to them.

The next important thing is conditioning. Even though we were in Denver and should have had the advantage these players are still working on playing 4 quarter at full speed. That can be a challenge for anyone early in the season.

When we came out with guns blazing in the first 1/2 the offense had a few great sustained drives. Not so much in the 2nd half which contributed to some let down by the defense. Those factors along with key players like Von Miller and Chris Harris coming off major injuries all contributed to some let down in the second half.

I’m optimistic that this defense will continue to get better and will prove to be one of the best units in the NFL before mid season.

The critics will remain but I for one will give them a little time before coming to judgement!

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