Not pretty, but 2-0 is still 2-0

Silver lining time (maybe Orange-tinted lining in this case) . . .  two blowouts to start the season may have given the Denver Broncos a false sense of security.

That kind of bravdo that leads to glaring holes be exposed at non-opportune times. The Broncos luckily don’t have that blowout burden hanging over their heads. In fact, the things they need to fix, they can fix right now. Early in the season.

After the defense bent but didn’t break for the second week in a row, Denver held off the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday afternoon, 24-17 in Denver.

Don’t we already know that the team that has the best chance of beating the Broncos week in and week out is . . . the Broncos themselves? The first half was a perfect example. Denver had the ball 5 times. On two of the possessions, they and dropped passes and run plays that were stuffed. Two three-and-outs. On the other three possessions – touchdown drives. Long touchdown drives.

Julius Thomas, Jacob Tamme and Demaryius Thomas all caught touchdown passes from Peyton Manning in the first half to give the Broncos an early 21-10 halftime lead. Manning ended the half with 191 yards on 15-of-19 passing in addition to his three touchdown passes. Then to start the second half, the offense couldn’t get on the field. Kansas City took the kickoff The Chiefs converted third-and-18, third-and-11 and third-and-13 on that drive. Kansas City was 7-of-10 on third downs (8 of 11 if you count the penalty). Average yardage needed on those third downs: 8.1. The good news is that Kansas City ended up with a 10 minute drive that resulted in a missed field goal.

The bad news is that Kansas City was going to be happy playing the dink and dump game the rest of the day. Of course, it could be brought up that Kansas City’s success was helped in part to Denver’s defensive miscues. Jumping of sides not only prevented Manning from getting back on the field, but negated a Aquib Talib interception for a touchdown that would’ve sealed the game with two minutes to play. In the end, the defense held. And Denver is off to another 2-0 start and an early firm grip on the AFC West again.

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