How do the Broncos win in Seattle? Ball Control

What’s the best way to beat the Seattle Seahawks? Especially on the road, in Seattle?


Easy . . . The Denver Broncos have to steal from every game plan that is used against them . . .UnitedInOrangePeyton_zpsef9ae2b1

Ball control. Keep the ball. Don’t let the other team’s offense on the field.

Remember those great long drives the first-team offense had in the preseason games against San Francisco and these Seahawks? Those drives showed patience. Less mistakes happen with patience. And Seattle quick, aggressive defense has fewer opportunities to shine if the offense isn’t taking chances.

Monte Ball has to be part of that game plan. He needs to continue to be patient in finding and cutting back in the holes that are made for him. And the offensive line, especially on the right side, has to be better at holding those blocks just a little bit longer.

Even though Peyton Manning doesn’t let any defense scare him, throwing the ball underneath the coverage, and over the middle will make Richard Sherman and company less lethal. Julius Thomas and Wes Welker can be very effective with this plan. A patient Manning will get his chances to go over the top to Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. 

Of course, in Seattle’s very loud stadium expect less verbal audibles and more physical ones.

Here’s the other reason the Broncos need to enable a slow, ball-control offense. Their defense hasn’t really shined yet this season.

Marshawn Lynch can be stopped, but containing Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin will be more difficult. Unlike in the Super Bown, the defense needs to keep containment. Stop Harvin on the jet sweep, and Wilson from keeping a play alive with his feet.

Ball control offense and a a defense that offers containment on the outside . . . It’s that easy.

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