Another brick in the wall

You know those 30-minute highlight films that come out every summer? The ones that re-cap the previous season and it’s highlights. And with every new episode there are those games in the middle where nothing spectacular happened, but they were solid wins for a team that has so much more to accomplish?
Sunday’s 41-20 win by the Denver Broncos over the Arizona Cardinals was one of those games. A brick in the foundation of what everyone Orange and Blue fans believes will be a championship team.

Yes, the Broncos tried to run the ball. Ineffectively.

Yes, the Broncos gave up some yards to the Arizona offense to start the game.

Yes, Peyton Manning had two really ugly interceptions (and one equally ugly tackle.)

But in the end what did we watch? What do we have?

A 21-point win in the NFL! That’s what! NFL victories are never easy. And the Cardinals came into the game undefeated!

But short of being a marking point when you can look back and say – “oh yeah, that Cardinals game was with Demaryius Thomas finally got going.” Or “That’s the game where Montee Ball probably finished his Broncos’ career”. Or, of course, “That’s the game that Manning threw his 500th touchdown pass.”

But that’s it. We won’t remember this game come November.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t forget about the good.

  • Demaryius Thomas set a Broncos single-game record with 226 yards on eight catches. And Wes Welker became the NFL’s all-time leader in receptions (854) by an undrafted free agent.
  • Denver outgained Arizona by nearly a three-to-one margin, putting 568 yards of offense on the board to the Cardinals 215.
  • Denver may have found a two-headed monster for their 2014 running attack. In the first half, with Ball in the backfield, the Broncos rushed for 4 yards. In the second half, with Ronnie Hillman and Juwan Thompson stepped in for their fallen teammate, the Broncos passed for 194 yards and ran for 88 yards.
  • And of course, Manninng completed 31-of-47 passes for 479 yards and four touchdowns. In the process, he recorded a personal best for passing yardage in a single game, as well as eclipsed the 500-touchdown plateau.
  • And speaking of getting unchained, Von Miller may be back. He was running into the Cardinals backfield like his hair was on fire. Recording 2 21/2 sacks, and finally sending Arizona quarterback Drew Stanton out of the game in the third quarter with a separated shoulder.

So, yes. This may be the game that started the current winning streak. And the one that finally has this year’s Broncos’ playing together. But will anyone really remember this brick?

Ahhh . . .  memories.

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