Broncos at New England . . . AGAIN???

There are three constants in life (of the life of the Denver Broncos’ organization):

  • Death
  • Winter games in Arrowhead Stadium

And, more frustrating this week . . .

  • Road games at New England

Boy, the NFL and the East Coast media love their New England Patriots don’t they? How is it possible that Denver plays in New England . . . AGAIN?

Three times in the last three years (or since the Peyton Manning era) Denver has played on the road against the Patriots. And since ’04 PFM has had to play in Foxboro nine times in 12 seasons. And he’s never even been in the AFC East!!!!

So despite all of that and the anticipated three inches of snow expected to fall, the Broncos will be taking on those Patriots this afternoon. With 10 days of rest and preparation, Denver can really find out if they are truly the best team in the AFC and NFL with a dominant performance.

Oh yeah, and in case you live in a cave (or don’t watch ESPN) Manning and Tom Brady will play each other again in this game. This is the 16th meeting between Brady and Manning. Manning is 5-10 vs the Tom Brady Patriots including the playoffs. But the two have split the last 4 playoff match ups, including last season’s AFC Championship game where the Broncos dominated the run and the pass in a 26-16 win.

With the possible blizzard like conditions – the run game for both teams will be more of a key that the QB matchup (hmmmm, maybe the NFL/TV networks should consider this when scheduling this game – November in New England is always cold and snowy.) The run game for Denver has been at the top of their to-do list over the last three games. With with solid progress.


Last season Knowshon Moreno ran for 224 yards on 37 carries in a November loss in New England. This year it will be up to Ronnie Hillman. Hillman has been running with a sense of urgency and with a lot more confidence. New England ranks in the middle of the league against the run, so if Hillman can continue to gash the defenses for runs of more than 5 yards and . . . hold onto the ball, Denver should be able to stay on the field and keep Brady off.

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