Third road game in a row, indoors at the right time

Made a road trip this weekend. Traveled from Kansas City to St. Louis to see this year’s Denver Broncos in person. And man . . . . I’ve never appreciated a dome stadium like I will today. Gametime temps in St. Louis should be in the 20’s.

rams 2

So now, with the perfect throwing (dome) weather what should/will the Broncos’ offense do today? RUN THE BALL!

Slow and bad starts in the last two games (New England and Oakland) have come in part because the Orange and Blue run game can’t get unhitched. And so even though Denver could come out of the gate with an even offensive attack and put this game away in the 3rd quarter, getting this run game ready for winter and playoff football is a necessity.

This is the chance to get that run game straight. Denver’s offense is 25th in the league with only 97 yards per game. The Rams are the perfect counter partner today, their rush defense is also 25th, giving up just over 124 yards per game.

So CJ Anderson getting his first start and Monte Ball back, healthy and thinner . . . let’s take some of the heat of Peyton’s right arm.

Speaking of which, slightly quiet right now is the threat to another passing record by Peyton Manning – his own. Manning has 29 TD passes over the first nine games. Meaning his on pace for 51 this season. But if this running game doesn’t get it’s groove, the Broncos are going to need a lot more 5 TD performances list last week.

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