Denver Broncos Offense Looks To Gel During NFL Preseason

The Denver Broncos do not have too many new parts that need time to gel, but the most important relationship between the coaches and their signal-caller, Peyton Manning, will use the preseason to build up some play-calling chemistry.

Gary Kubiak is the new man in charge for Denver, after calling plays for the Baltimore Ravens the past few seasons as their offensive coordinator. All signs are pointing to a run-oriented attack that should lend itself to C.J. Anderson having a monster season for the Broncos. The other position to key on is the tight end position, as the Broncos lost Julius Thomas in free agency to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Owen Daniels came over along with Kubiak from Baltimore and might be the man to fill in that void.

In any case, the Broncos kick off their preseason schedule this weekend to mend the pieces together. With information provided by, below are average prices for secondary market Broncos tickets before the games start counting in the regular season.

8/14/2015 | Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos | CenturyLink Field | Average Price: $184.05 | Get-in Price: $55

8/22/2015 | Houston Texans vs. Denver Broncos | NRG Stadium | Average Price: $103.54 | Get-in Price: $27

8/29/2015 | Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers | Sports Authority Field At Mile High | Average Price: $151.60 | Get-in Price: $54

9/3/2015 | Denver Broncos vs. Arizona Cardinals | Sports Authority Field At Mile High | Average Price: $104.74 | Get-in Price: $28

The Broncos’ first preseason game is a Super Bowl rematch from two seasons ago, one that got out of hand very quickly as the Seahawks ran away with the Lombardi Trophy. The cheapest flights from Denver can be booked on to have a chance to wipe away the bad feelings from The Big Game that concluded the 2013 campaign.

Denver stays on the road in their next contest, when they face the featured team on the HBO Hard Knocks series, the Houston Texans. This is the cheaper option of the two road games, with an average ticket price of $103.54 and a get-in price of $27.

The next two games are hosted at Sports Authority Field At Mile High, with both the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals coming to Denver. Hotels near Sports Authority Field At Mile High can be booked for out-of-town Broncos fans looking to get some of the cheapest prices of the season.

Between the two home games, the finale against the Cardinals is the cheapest option with an average ticket price of $104.74 with a get-in price of $28.

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