Broncos cruise past San Diego?

For a little it was close to being a tight game. For a little it was close to being a blow out. For a lot, it was a game that didn’t hold the expecations the Denver Broncos should demand from themselves. Despite score 35 points and handing AFC West foe San Diego Chargers a 35-21 […]

October 2014 by Sean Thompson

Manning / Broncos D dominate vs. San Fran

  He finished 22-of-26 passing for 318 yards. And a near perfect quarterback rating. But a week 7 win over the San Francisco 49ers isn’t going to get the attention it should until maybe later in the year when analysts pick and decide how successful a season was. Or how important each win was (see […]

October 2014 by Sean Thompson

Another brick in the wall

You know those 30-minute highlight films that come out every summer? The ones that re-cap the previous season and it’s highlights. And with every new episode there are those games in the middle where nothing spectacular happened, but they were solid wins for a team that has so much more to accomplish? Sunday’s 41-20 win […]

October 2014 by Sean Thompson

Moral Victory? Morale Victory?

Let’s face it . . . there is such a thing as a moral victory. Not for players and not for coaches, but those paid professionals spending the 60+ hours a week scheming and planning to win every Sunday. But for the rest of us, the “observers”, there are such things as moral victories. The […]

September 2014 by Sean Thompson

How do the Broncos win in Seattle? Ball Control

What’s the best way to beat the Seattle Seahawks? Especially on the road, in Seattle?   Easy . . . The Denver Broncos have to steal from every game plan that is used against them . . . Ball control. Keep the ball. Don’t let the other team’s offense on the field. Remember those great […]

September 2014 by Sean Thompson

Not pretty, but 2-0 is still 2-0

Silver lining time (maybe Orange-tinted lining in this case) . . .  two blowouts to start the season may have given the Denver Broncos a false sense of security. That kind of bravdo that leads to glaring holes be exposed at non-opportune times. The Broncos luckily don’t have that blowout burden hanging over their heads. In […]

September 2014 by Sean Thompson

Long drive says it all

Well . . . that was nice. We all know that the third pre-season game is the one. The one to evaluate. The first one we usually forget about. In fact, we’ll probably forget about this one in a couple of days. But for now Thursday nights 21-16 Broncos’ win over the Seattle Seahawks (a […]

August 2014 by Sean Thompson

Denver Keeps Rolling, Clinches AFC West

The Broncos have clinched the division with another home victory yesterday. As I said in the preview, Tampa’s secondary is abominable, and although they played better than I expected, Peyton Manning took advantage of their defense and was able to throw three touchdowns. Denver went on to win 31-23, but the game was much more one […]

December 2012 by Rich

Locking up the AFC West

The Denver Broncos were able to secure the AFC West division title yesterday with their victory over the San Diego Chargers. Mathematically they could still lose the division, but realistically it is all but over. The AFC West may just be the worst division in football, but the Broncos are taking advantage of that fact […]

November 2012 by Rich

Broncos’ Second Half Surge Propels them to a 35-24 Victory

The Broncos could not have started last night’s game any worse. After a three and out, the Broncos offense did not get the ball back until they were down 10-0. The score only got worse when midway through the second quarter, Peyton Manning threw an interception to Quentin Jammer, who returned the ball 80 yards […]

October 2012 by Rich